Monday, 10. March 2014 - 15:51 Uhr

Been a LOOONG Time.

     Hello, all my little blog people who have probably left because I haven't been here in so long! ^-^" I know the last thing you want is a big rant-fest, so I'll keep this concise:

     Remember when I said I've taken up game making? Well, one of my friends has started a commercial game called Toby's Island. They would really appreciate some financial backing, and are trying to raise $20000 with 20 days left to go. (So far they have over 7000!) Pledging money to a game might not seem like much, but considering that the developer is a friend, the 'whoa' factor shoots up into the stratosphere. :) 

     Everything in this game is 100% custom--that means every pixel belongs to Galv and Matt Beer (creators--and friends!). All the features and music, etc. are made by them too. If you guys could support them that would be awesome!

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