Monday, 9. December 2013 - 20:26 Uhr

Ahaha, Ahohoho

     Hey y'all! (Gee, Southern accent doesn't really fit Xmas, does it?)
     I know it's not Christmas yet. I also know I've been sitting here stagnant the whole time...

     I actually haven't been doing NOTHING.  If you check my imgur (TsarminaW) or my Laboratory on (great family there by the way) you'll see that I've been drawing and programming galore...and sadly neglecting my stories...well in my defense, I've been desgning art for Ariel :3 And I have a Shadow Kingdom update ALMOST ready for reveal. I think I'll reveal it on Christmas, just for fun~

     But that's what I've been up to. Keep up on the Laboratory for the latest news on my art! ^-^