Thursday, 14. November 2013 - 21:58 Uhr

On That Subject...

     After sifting through the comments (yes, guys, I haven't died yet) I noticed Foxgirl and Taj Mahal were bringing up stuff about the Treasure Hunt. May I add that Foxgirl is progressing well through this endeavour ^-^ Which reminds me, I have to finish the actual hunt myself--I haven't created the entire thing yet ^^" Slow down, people! Let me finish it first!

     In case you guys haven't been looking at posts for a while, I'm not posting most of my art here anymore. It'll all be on under my Resource Showcase, Tsarmina's Laboratory. ^-^ I love my lab...except for the explosions....





Wednesday, 6. November 2013 - 17:22 Uhr

1000! (+23)

     After reading a comment by Foxgirl, I realized, rather unfortunately, that I wasn't here to witness the 1000 visits milestone. NOOO! T^T

     Well, I'm here now, at 1023 views. I guess it's close enough? Lol! Uh...I don't know how to celebrate it. Thanks, I guess? Thanks! I know we haven't been getting as much activity now as last year (COME ON PEOPLE LET'S UNITE!) but ah well. Foxgirl is still here...

     Once again, thanks for helping me reach 1000 (+23) views! ^-^





Monday, 4. November 2013 - 15:33 Uhr

Happy Halloween-Passed-Already-Actually...

     Hi guys! THis is going to be a short post. Ain't got no time anymore!

     Just wanted to say sorry I missed you guys for Halloween. Anyway, I also wanted to say that if you want closer updates on my artwork, you may want to Google "Tsarmina's Laboratory" on the RPG VX Ace forums--that's me! I'll be posting artwork there from now on because it's a lot easier to do it from there. (Or you can check out my imgur: Tsarmina_W, of course.)

     So yeah, I've already posted a lot of stuff on there and thought you guys might want to catch up on my art. ^-^




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