Monday, 7. October 2013 - 20:48 Uhr

Are My Eyes Deceiving Me??

     So, after a looooong time (this is how I started my last blog post too), I finally shoved down on my irrational obsession over game design and am trying to get back on track with writing, predominantly SK. (Shadow Kingdom. Get used to my lingo! ^_^) And I hope I'm not neglecting the other stories, beacuse I really and truly adore them too, but seriously, I'm in a totally Victorian mood right now. (And have been for like 2 years.)

     Anyway, back to the topic.  I took a look at the visitor counter today and I was like, WUUUUT. Guess what?? Last I checked (this number will change as soon as one of you comes online), we have had 955 views! That's just like 45 views away from a full 1000 views! Can you believe that???? :DDDD

     Overboard much?

     Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for...for all the views that you've given me...for all the laughs you gave me through your comments, and all the helpful feedback you've given me to help improve my writing and generally improve my self-esteem as you critique and enjoy my work. (That was a run-on...-___-) I've always wanted to be an author, and even if I'm a little short of that right now, it still gives me so much joy to let you guys read my work, and enjoy it so much. I just feel that especially since a lot of you guys are rising in grade (like age-grade, not like from B's to A's), you've been so busy, and I hope that reading some writing by me can give you a reprieve. And I'm always here to chat. You know how to get to the Contact Me page, right? :) And I know many of you know my email anyway.

     So, just to guys have helped me a lot, and even though I'm far away from many of you, it gives me this great connection to be able to show you myself through my writing. I just feel that with so much going on lately, I've been neglecting you guys. I promise I'm getting back into my groove, but seriously. COMMENT. I can't go as fast unless you guys comment for me! You're like my personal cheering squad ^^ Even for all you guys out there, you can be my cheerleaders too.

     But yeah, thanks so much. I probably sound redundant right now but I really appreciate each and every one of you, especially because I have personal connections with so many of you. Those connections have been getting weak, and it makes me very sad, so I'm trying to express some of my gratitude for your friendship through my writing. 

     Thank you for putting up with my liberal use of CAPITAL LETTERS...

     Thank you for reading my crazy stories about everything under the sun...

     Thank you for waiting for me while I've been obsessed with game creation....

      And most of all, thank you for putting up with my cheesy blog post. =.="




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