Monday, 16. September 2013 - 20:42 Uhr

RPG Ariel? No way!

     Yes, I AM making an RPG for Ariel with my new software that I am very obsessed with, RPG Maker VX Ace! It's normally 69.99, but I got it on discount for just 30. WOOT! It's been so much fun that I've been neglecting you guys >.< (Not that any of you even go on here anymore...: Sad...) But, yet, I'm making a game for Ariel where eventually you'll be able to play through as any of the characters in the story! (With a few exceptions, like Lady Auburn and Calliope.) It'll take a long time to develop, but it's fun!

     By the way, you can find me on under the username Tsarmina. (What else?) I used a recolor of Meline's portrait for my profile pic, it might look familiar...:)




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