Sunday, 22. September 2013 - 16:55 Uhr

Another Pic.

     We have another picture in the gallery. :) This is Vivaldi. I originally drew her for my acquaintance Weewaa's story, but I think I'll probably use her for myself. Heehee.


     I apologize for her being so light; I scanned her in and didn't feel like cleaning her up yet ^^"





Monday, 16. September 2013 - 20:42 Uhr

RPG Ariel? No way!

     Yes, I AM making an RPG for Ariel with my new software that I am very obsessed with, RPG Maker VX Ace! It's normally 69.99, but I got it on discount for just 30. WOOT! It's been so much fun that I've been neglecting you guys >.< (Not that any of you even go on here anymore...: Sad...) But, yet, I'm making a game for Ariel where eventually you'll be able to play through as any of the characters in the story! (With a few exceptions, like Lady Auburn and Calliope.) It'll take a long time to develop, but it's fun!

     By the way, you can find me on under the username Tsarmina. (What else?) I used a recolor of Meline's portrait for my profile pic, it might look familiar...:)




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Saturday, 7. September 2013 - 17:51 Uhr


     Like usual, I'm feeling unnaturally proud of myself for doing something not so amazing...but I am sooooo happy and I think getting this done has made me feel a lot better! I'm revealing the portrait of's different from her original, her eyes are different and her self is different...but here she is! I designed her for my game.

     Unlike usual, I made her BY MYSELF (with some thanks to PentagonBuddy for the base that I ended up not really using annyway), from the eyes that I am proud of to the dress which I'm even more proud of to the hair which I am probably most proud of. You won't find a picture like Amberique out there....I hope ;) She's pretty original, yeah?





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Friday, 6. September 2013 - 21:48 Uhr

Promo Vids!

     Heya! In the spur of the moment, I am adding a new feature that is coming out now: promotional short videos about my stories! :D So, if you don't feel like reading much of the summaries, then watch the vids! They're only 30 seconds long, and can be found on the respective pages or on the Videos page under the Homepage.




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Friday, 6. September 2013 - 16:36 Uhr

Coming Soon....

     There's a lot of stuff to be expected to come up soon! New features soon include:

1. A study page for those of you who have asked me for notes or HW help--I'll post my resources!

2. A demo RPG based on Helen of Troy

3. An educational RPG (simple) based on Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

4. A new picture of Amberique that I'm designing for my new game...

5. A new story! This one will be very short and heavy on symbolism.




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