Tuesday, 27. August 2013 - 18:11 Uhr

Shadow Kingdom is ON A ROLL!

     By this I DO NOT mean that I accidentally put my manuscript on a piece of toast, mind you.
     Enough with the puns! Shadow Kingdom has made a true comeback! I know that this is kinda an exciting thing for some of you guys (COUGH COUGH), so I'll just give you guys a refresher: I was in the middle of Chapter Eight at the Corells' House, and they were eating dinner.

     Well, now I have not only FINISHED Chapter Eight (which ended up being nineteen pages typed with 10.5 Calibri font), but I have started Chapter Nine, AND there's a plot twist! Sorry if I'm going overboard, but it just makes me exicted :D

     Read up! You won't wanna miss what happens to Willow...

     The site address is storyworldshadowkingdom.yolasite.com and there's also a link on the SK tab.




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