Wednesday, 10. July 2013 - 14:56 Uhr

I am BACK!

     Woo-hoo!  I'm back, guys!  Have you guys commented your heads off yet? :)
     I'm sorry I was gone for a little longer than I told you guys, but I really did have a good time.  I had fun in the Western United States.  For three days I was hanging in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it was a REALLY awesome time.  If you guys haven't been, you really should.  Vegas is probably one of the most exciting places on the planet, not to mention the plane ride to Vegas was cool.  The view as the plane came in for landing was extraordinary.  
     Of course, there were a billion Cirque du Soleils going on, and I didn't get to see ANY of them -_______- That show is more expensive than I'd thought!  Ah, well.
     After Vegas, I went on a tour to the Grand Canyon.  The place is grand....and kindof dead-looking from above.  I have to say that wasn't my favorite part by far....
     We came to San Fran.  It's really nice, and also really cold!  I usually burn up in the summer, but I was shivering in my light jacket at San Fran.  We went on a boat, saw Alcatraz, saw Stanford and Berkeley, and basically had a blast.  The hotel I was staying at has this cafe, and we went there every day because near the end of the trip, we didn't have a car.  And I did throw up  when we were on the winding road up the mountain to Muir Park. -_____-

     Anyway, I am back, and I'm glad to be back :) though I'm suffering from jetlag and woke up roughly three hours ago.  ^^"

     I bet you guys want to know how much I wrote during the trip....and I'll have to make a separate blog post.  'Cause I wrote a LOT.  :)




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