Monday, 24. June 2013 - 17:05 Uhr

Princess Games/Kingdom Flaws

     If you didn't know, the title is because sgpage (formerly known as 20cent [FKA Ari3ll3Sanazay][FKA Ari3ll3Erica]) changed her story name from Princess Games to Kingdom Flaws.  Anyway, if you didn't know, you can' tcopy stories off of wattpad using the highlighting features that you can on my site. (Does this mean that people will copy my stories??)  BUT...I (accidentally) figured out how to copy the text! Which means I don't have to print it out using the old-fashioned Hypersnap version anymore! But I'm not telling how...just a hint, I have an iPad...;)

     Anyways, because of that, I can give you guys the story instead of having you have to go onto Wattpad and keep reading it.  Yay~  Mind you, it's pretty long, and it has A LOT of spelling and grammar mistakes... but I still put it on the site anyway. (There's a link for it on the tab!)




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