Thursday, 13. June 2013 - 21:24 Uhr

Summer is TOO BUSY?!

     You know, you'd expect that I would have a lot more time to blog and whatnot during the summer, but how is it that my summer is so much busier than it was during the school year??? Yarrrrgghhh.  My story progress is going down the tubes because I've been ditching to take summer classes.  Sorry, guys. ^^" It makes me feel so guilty!  I really need to update more, and you guys need to check more!  I'm starting to feel lonely because you guys aren't reading or checking or whatever anymore...and has anyone made ANY progress on the Treasure Hunt besides [name]?? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please check some old blog posts.)

     Please excuse my exasperation.  ^^ I'm just so sad...nothing to do...wah.   Anyway, I'll try and get stuff updated.  Right now most of my time is taken up by summer assignments, summer class, and the prospect of a possible and very planned summer trip, which means that I may be taking a leave ONCE AGAIN.  : Kinda sad that this is a gloomy post, but life is full of ups and downs, right?




"He grants me access 'cause I'm elite!  Ain't that right, Aech?"
Aech rolled his eyes.  "No.  That ain't right. You're about as elite as my grandma.  And she's dead."
"Screw you, Aech!  And your dead grandma!"
"Gee, I-rok," I said.  "You always manage to elevate the intelligence level of a conversation.  The rooms just brightens up the moment you walk in." 

-Ready Player One


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