Sunday, 9. June 2013 - 18:23 Uhr

New Email...?

     Yesiree, I have a new email (for those of you who didn't even know that I had a sharing email.)  My new email address, which I am freely broadcasting, is  Sound familiar?  ;) Anyway, I've attempted to redirect all of my contact forms on every single freaking one of my pages towards this new email, since I won't be checking the old one anymore, so I'm gonna have to ask you guys for help.  If you could send me some test emails, and don't get a reply for half a week or more, I probably haven't redirected that contact form yet.  Go on all my different pages and try as many contact forms as you can...sigh. THanks for all your support. :)

     I'm still using the half-page rule, and hopefully I'll have more stories up and running in no time!




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