Saturday, 18. May 2013 - 18:37 Uhr

New Picture!!!

     Woo-hoo!  I worked all day today to draw a new picture for you guys, so don't you dare criticize!  (Just kidding.  I'm always up for constructive criticism.)  I did use a reference picture for the hair and lips, but the eyes, nose, and shading are complete courtesy of me.  I actually made a little signature and title at the bottom this time...I'm thinking of doing that more often.  Anyway, this is Meline from Lilette/Riswynn, and you don't know her (yet).  In fact, I updated the Lilette/Riswynn story and you can introduce yourself to Meline, but unless you can tolerate the maturity, don't read Lilette/Riswynn; just stick with the pictures. :)

     Ermagerd.  Please scroll out a little so you don't see all my miniscule mistakes.  PLEASE!!!!
     Anyway, give me some feedback, and if you're up to it, read some Lilette/Riswynn...:)




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