Tuesday, 23. April 2013 - 22:01 Uhr

Taj Mahal!?!?!?!

     Ahhhh! Giving me gried! Thanks for all your typo stuff....it's been amazing in the Shadow Kingdom and Ariana, but WHY!!!!???? I keep forgetting to keep track of how many typos you've helped me fix so that I can give you Fixer Awards! T.T  Yeah, so that's my dilemma.  But really, Taj Mahal's been really helpful with Shadow kingdom and Ariana, keeping all of my bad typing in check... So, Taj Mahal, you get a billion Fixer Awards, PLUS you get upgraded to Moonlight Level because I've sort of been forgetting to upgrade you...sorry....I've been forgetting a lot of stuff lately. So, yeah, you have Taj Mahal to thank for all my prowess.




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