Saturday, 20. April 2013 - 16:56 Uhr

R.S. to a Not-So-Random Extent

     Tada! You might remember my last post a while back about Random Sketches to a Random Extent. (I decided I like this and may continue randomly sketching random pictures jsut for the fun of it--CUZ IT'S REALLY FUN ^^) Anyway, I decided, hey, it doesn't have to be a random sketch! I did my first RSTARE (random sketch to a random extent) because I wanted to draw but I didn't want to draw a real picture. So I put real picture and random sketch together and I said, "I don't have to make it perfect to draw, but it doesn't have to be random either."  Therefore....I decided it was time to draw someone from Alice! (because I've sort of been delaying on it.  Says the girl who's making that story into a half-manga book, haha.) Anyway, I drew a quick sketch of Everett (please check the Alice cast).  

     Nooooo....he's extremely large T.T  Anyway, moving right along.  If you don't know Everett (which you shouldn't), he's the equivalent of the water-pipe-smoking caterpillar in Lewis Caroll's original.  (Is it Caroll or Carrol or Carroll?)  And yes, I know it's scratchy and messy, but that's what a sketch is for, right? By the way, I used no internet pose-copying for this one. :) And yes, that funny gray thing in his mouth is a pipe, but he only smokes water vapor.  If you can count that as smoking in the first place.




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