Saturday, 13. April 2013 - 18:28 Uhr

The SK Goddesses

     A new picture came's a group picture of the Thirteen Goddesses in the Shadow kingdom.  I actually drew the picture months ago (so the artwork isn't that great) and it's not colored, but I inked it a while ago and I just scanned it into Photoshop for some background removal, and now it's out!  The picture is pretty dang long...24 inches, to be exact, but I shortened it up so you can see it.  The online image isn't that good because I used Hypersnap...I wish there was something a little more high-quality.  oh well.  It's on the Shadow Kingdom tab as well as the site, and you don't want to miss this picture!!

     I think it's too long to put in this post, so, sorry about that.  You'll have to view it on the actual sites.




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