Wednesday, 10. April 2013 - 15:09 Uhr

Random Sketches to A Random Extent

     So I was drawing Calatha today and suddenly I decided, I'M TIRED. So I stopped.  And so yeah, she might not be finished today.  I was looking online for drawing inspiration (read; searching up manga pictures by unprofessional manga freaks like me) and I decided spontaneously that I'm going to draw some random sketches.  This being said, I'm talking RANDOM random...

     'Sketches" is probably the key word.  As you know, I take FOREVER to develop my pictures, because doing line art, cleaning line art, laying flats, adding layers, adding shadows, rasterizing, etc, takes approximately three days for any good picture of mine.  And some not-good pictures.  Whoops!

     Anyway, I decided (wow, I'm being decisive today) that it was time to draw a superfast sketch! And I did. Tada. Behold, a new masterpiece: THERE'S A TURTLE ON MY HEAD :)

     Whoops.  Zoom out for maximum effect, please.

     I told you it was random!  I timed myself.  Sketcing (and coloring included) took only five minutes and thrity-six seconds. Turned out okay in my opinion, if not a little messy. If you didn't know, I am obsessed with turtles and duckies (RAWR) and that was why I drew a turtle.  I don't know what propelled me to draw the girl...guy...thing in purple robes, and I'm not sure why it's in a robe (I'm just going to call the humanoid an 'it'), and I'm not sure why is has six wings that obviously couldn't get anyone off the ground.  And I'm not sure why the turtle is wagging its tail. In my opinion, it looks like the it is a priest or something, and a flying turtle interrupted the sermon.  Oopsie. 

     What's your interpretation of THERE'S A TURTLE ON MY HEAD? ;) And if you guys have a tablet at home, feel free to make your own random sketches to a random extent and send them to me via email. :) I'm off to sketch. Sayonara.




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