Tuesday, 9. April 2013 - 22:16 Uhr

Drawing Calatha

     While I've been absurdly busy these past few days, I've had surprisingly enough time to begin drawing a new picture.  It's Weewaa's turn to write a chapter in the Ariana Story, and she hasn't gotten any of it done for approximately six months now.  I'm getting fed up.  So i finally got her to start writing again, and she decided she wanted to make a new character.  His name is Liam Pearce Cartright. (Cartright? Cartwright? I'm not sure.)  And he's British, haha. Because being British makes you superior. :) Anyway, that was when we decided it was time to draw some of our characters, because frankly, the only ones who have been drawn are Cade (twice, one young and one current) and Ari (once for the cover, once abstrct that I don't really like).  It's time to step it up! So I'm drawing Calatha--or Callie.  You might want to brush up on your Ariana Story characters.  They're all on their little site! Calatha will be done around tomorrow night, I think.




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