Saturday, 6. April 2013 - 20:51 Uhr

Call it a Bio...

     Hey guys!  End of my spring break is approaching rapidly, and I'm pretty sad...wah. On the upside, I've had a great time. :) Hung with some friends, read approximately 3500 pages of books (or should I say book? To sum it up, I've ready Ready Player One about ten times), written a bit of Lost and Shadow Kingdom and even the Phantom, and now I'm usy drawing characters from Alice.  It sounds weird that I haven't drawn Alice yet.  ^^ I drew Amberique again on paper by hand because I wasn't satisfied with the picture I have currently, and now I'm drawing Cheyenne.

     Sadly, none of this seems to mean anything to all of you, because you don't even know who any of these people that's when I came up witht he great idea of making a bio on the Alice page with [most of] the characters and a bit of stuff about them.  

     Like I said, all the characters in my Alice story are much like the ones in Lewis Caroll's original, BUT their genders are all switched except for Alice (the MC).  I've marked equivalents for some of them and I'm given them names, but there are a few characters without much bio and some of them you won't recognize from either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. Whoops.

     You can find it all on the Alice page.




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