Friday, 26. April 2013 - 21:35 Uhr

The Princess Games Update

     So, you guys have probably noticed that the Princess Games has not done anything since I started it. Well, guess what? An update! You can read a few pages now, and I have to say, it mimicks the original pretty well.  With a few subtle differences.
     Have fun reading.  Which reminds me, on Wattpad Ari3ll3Sanazay's name is now sgpage, and The Princess Games has changed to Kingdom Flaws. THe girl just can't settle.




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Thursday, 25. April 2013 - 22:01 Uhr


     I gotta go really fast, so I'm making this short; new Lilette/Riswynn update.  If you aren't mature, DON'T READ IT :O  for those of you who want a mature read, feel freeeee....




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Tuesday, 23. April 2013 - 22:01 Uhr

Taj Mahal!?!?!?!

     Ahhhh! Giving me gried! Thanks for all your typo's been amazing in the Shadow Kingdom and Ariana, but WHY!!!!???? I keep forgetting to keep track of how many typos you've helped me fix so that I can give you Fixer Awards! T.T  Yeah, so that's my dilemma.  But really, Taj Mahal's been really helpful with Shadow kingdom and Ariana, keeping all of my bad typing in check... So, Taj Mahal, you get a billion Fixer Awards, PLUS you get upgraded to Moonlight Level because I've sort of been forgetting to upgrade you...sorry....I've been forgetting a lot of stuff lately. So, yeah, you have Taj Mahal to thank for all my prowess.





Tuesday, 23. April 2013 - 21:58 Uhr

Long-Due Members

     Whoops.  I confess. It was all my fault....I've been putting off adding members and giving updates, blah blah blah, all that stuff that you guys wait for....

     Anyway, we have not one but TWO new members joining our ranks...that would be horseluvr16 and Nohorns.  Hey, guys!  Welcome to the site...even though horseluvr16 has been here for quite a while and I've sort of been forgetting about her...

     Anyway, give them a nice welcome, okay! NOthing less than what we expect here on the storyworld blog!





Saturday, 20. April 2013 - 17:25 Uhr

WFL Shuts Down?

     WFL stands for White Fox learning.  As I have discovered, I'm pretty hopeless at teaching manga...or so they say... T.T  And I haven't done anything on WFL anyway, which is probably why I don't get very good reception. Ahem. Anyway, I'm "shutting it down", yeah.  The only catch about that, and the reason why I put it in parentheses, is that you can still go to the site any time you want.  There'll just be no updates on there, which isn't any different from the usual. ^^" Anyway, sorry, Foxgirl.  Our few days on the chatroom were fun.





Saturday, 20. April 2013 - 16:56 Uhr

R.S. to a Not-So-Random Extent

     Tada! You might remember my last post a while back about Random Sketches to a Random Extent. (I decided I like this and may continue randomly sketching random pictures jsut for the fun of it--CUZ IT'S REALLY FUN ^^) Anyway, I decided, hey, it doesn't have to be a random sketch! I did my first RSTARE (random sketch to a random extent) because I wanted to draw but I didn't want to draw a real picture. So I put real picture and random sketch together and I said, "I don't have to make it perfect to draw, but it doesn't have to be random either."  Therefore....I decided it was time to draw someone from Alice! (because I've sort of been delaying on it.  Says the girl who's making that story into a half-manga book, haha.) Anyway, I drew a quick sketch of Everett (please check the Alice cast).  

     Nooooo....he's extremely large T.T  Anyway, moving right along.  If you don't know Everett (which you shouldn't), he's the equivalent of the water-pipe-smoking caterpillar in Lewis Caroll's original.  (Is it Caroll or Carrol or Carroll?)  And yes, I know it's scratchy and messy, but that's what a sketch is for, right? By the way, I used no internet pose-copying for this one. :) And yes, that funny gray thing in his mouth is a pipe, but he only smokes water vapor.  If you can count that as smoking in the first place.





Saturday, 13. April 2013 - 18:28 Uhr

The SK Goddesses

     A new picture came's a group picture of the Thirteen Goddesses in the Shadow kingdom.  I actually drew the picture months ago (so the artwork isn't that great) and it's not colored, but I inked it a while ago and I just scanned it into Photoshop for some background removal, and now it's out!  The picture is pretty dang long...24 inches, to be exact, but I shortened it up so you can see it.  The online image isn't that good because I used Hypersnap...I wish there was something a little more high-quality.  oh well.  It's on the Shadow Kingdom tab as well as the site, and you don't want to miss this picture!!

     I think it's too long to put in this post, so, sorry about that.  You'll have to view it on the actual sites.





Saturday, 13. April 2013 - 16:52 Uhr

Sarmina's Silly Story Stash

     Yes, I spelled my name wrong on purpose.  It's just to emphasize the alliteration.  Anyway, there's a new tab on the sidebar of Exploring the Storyworld....Tsarmina's Silly Story Stash! I post short compositions, works, etc, and not all of them are done yet of course...they're just something to read if you have a bit of time to burn.  Most of them don't take long.  So far I've posted my HP Poem (for senior British lit.), Sandy's Adventure, Candy Carols, Tissue: A Play, and I'm getting ready to start a new short composition of fairy tale compilations.  Very fun. Enjoy! Especially the HP Poem and Tissue; those are my favorites.





Saturday, 13. April 2013 - 16:51 Uhr

Sorry 'Bout That

     Super-quickie post: sorry Calatha's not done yet.  Call me a procrastinator.  Instead I'm working on homework and Shadow Kingdom simultaneously.  In SK, prepare for an onslaught of names and characters. Don't worry; they're not all important.




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Wednesday, 10. April 2013 - 15:09 Uhr

Random Sketches to A Random Extent

     So I was drawing Calatha today and suddenly I decided, I'M TIRED. So I stopped.  And so yeah, she might not be finished today.  I was looking online for drawing inspiration (read; searching up manga pictures by unprofessional manga freaks like me) and I decided spontaneously that I'm going to draw some random sketches.  This being said, I'm talking RANDOM random...

     'Sketches" is probably the key word.  As you know, I take FOREVER to develop my pictures, because doing line art, cleaning line art, laying flats, adding layers, adding shadows, rasterizing, etc, takes approximately three days for any good picture of mine.  And some not-good pictures.  Whoops!

     Anyway, I decided (wow, I'm being decisive today) that it was time to draw a superfast sketch! And I did. Tada. Behold, a new masterpiece: THERE'S A TURTLE ON MY HEAD :)

     Whoops.  Zoom out for maximum effect, please.

     I told you it was random!  I timed myself.  Sketcing (and coloring included) took only five minutes and thrity-six seconds. Turned out okay in my opinion, if not a little messy. If you didn't know, I am obsessed with turtles and duckies (RAWR) and that was why I drew a turtle.  I don't know what propelled me to draw the girl...guy...thing in purple robes, and I'm not sure why it's in a robe (I'm just going to call the humanoid an 'it'), and I'm not sure why is has six wings that obviously couldn't get anyone off the ground.  And I'm not sure why the turtle is wagging its tail. In my opinion, it looks like the it is a priest or something, and a flying turtle interrupted the sermon.  Oopsie. 

     What's your interpretation of THERE'S A TURTLE ON MY HEAD? ;) And if you guys have a tablet at home, feel free to make your own random sketches to a random extent and send them to me via email. :) I'm off to sketch. Sayonara.





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