Tuesday, 26. March 2013 - 21:56 Uhr

The Phantom Undergoes Revolution

     The Phantom is edited and ready to go! I put it out on the page, and now that it's edited, you guys don't have to struggle through the terrible spelling ability on my iPad anymore! (Hooray, I guess?)  I also wrote a little more.  Please note that there are some parts that i haven't written yet--meaning that I bascially made a cut scene and moved on because I didn't feel like writing it at the precise moment.  That being said, those places are the supper with Caspian's family on New Year's night, and the part where Dill takes Caspian back home with the horses lugging that rosewood chair.

     If you haven't read The Phantom, please do! It's such a ncie story and Caspian is real good-looking, too ;) The cover was released a few days back.  And now that it's edited, it's easier to read then ever! (the story, not the cover.)




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