Thursday, 21. March 2013 - 21:47 Uhr

I Finished the Marathon!

     I finished my Jessica Day George reading marathon! Over the course of these few days, I've marched my way through over 1500 pages of this fantastic author.  Now I'm jsut waiting for Princess of the Silver Woods to come in from the public library! Please, COME TO ME :)  If you haven't read any of Jessica Day George's books, I recommend her, and recommend starting with Dragon Slippers-->Dragon Flight--> Dragon Spear.  Then continue on to the Princesses: Princess of the Midnight Ball-->Princess of Glass--> Princess of the Silver Woods. Then read Tuesdays at the Castle for a little leisure, something a little more juvenile.  Then you can start on Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, which is probably her most mature of these fantasy books. I've read all of them (except for Princess of the Silver Woods, which I'm waiting on), and thye're all fantastic! Though Princess of Glass had a disappointing ending to a fantastic storyline...




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