Wednesday, 20. March 2013 - 22:21 Uhr

The Half-Page Rule

     I'm starting a new thing to stir some of my old stories back up and keep them going: the Half-Page Rule!  For the days that i have time, I'm going to go through each story and write a half page or more, and then move on, so I'll be in a big cycle.  I kept it at half a page so I can still focus on Shadow Kingdom, but unfortunately I've reached some writer's block. Whoops. Get out of the way, writer's block!

     I jsut came up with this theory, and sadly haven't had much of what you would call progress. I just did my Death train and I'm working on Mermaid (which will have to be postponed to tomorrow.)

     The Death Train has been posted on its page. Please read it! I love this story, even though it still awakes my old nightmare.

     On a different note, I just finished Princess of Glass in my Jessica Day George reading marathon. (Yeah, I know, I read fast.) Time to start on Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. :)




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