Tuesday, 19. March 2013 - 18:06 Uhr

Lost Portraits

     And when I say that, I don't mean that I have misplaced some paintings! Only two portraits, sorry guys.  So I was in class today, and the professors blabbing and all that, so i got bored and decided to doodle a bit on some notecards. In the end I drew some of the characters from Lost. I scanned them in.... They're pretty good...here goes.

     Eeeeep. Someone is really big!  Anyway, that's Seren.  If you've taken a look at the half-finished Seren and James picture, you'll probably see that they don't look alike....or at least not very alike.  The picture of Seren and James is right after they left Mitanni (which you are completely ignorant of), and THIS one up here is of Seren a few months after she joined the ship crew. (I haven't named the ship yet. Whoops.)  I haven't drawn Seren when she was in Mitanni and before she left, but I'll probably get around to it.

     As for the other picture....okay.....wait....

     Dangit. The stupid site is acting up again and I can't upload Seren's sister at the moment. I'll try and get it up. Sorry :



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