Tuesday, 19. March 2013 - 17:51 Uhr

Birthday Error

     Sorry for not saying anything sooner, guys. I've been so busy lately....but now I'm on spring break! Yaaaayy! So (hopefully) I can spend a little more time on my beloved site and less at the desk studying for final exams.  Anyway, some of you seem to have gotten my birthday wrong. My birthday is in October. (raises eyebrow) I read the comments and I was like "Huh?" for a moment. Anyway, thanks for trying, guys. ;)

     I haven't gotten any more out of Shadow Kingdom for over a week now. Oops.  I'm on a Jessica Day George reading marathon and in the past two days have worked my way through four books. I just finished one of the latter, Princess of the Midnight Ball. It's kind of like Entwined, but in my opinion, not quite as good in quality. Still, a worthy try. Next I'm tackling Princess of Glass, then Sun and MoonIce and Snow, and I'll be done with my marathon. So far I've gotten through Dragon Slippers (that was actually a few years back when I didn't know there was a sequel), Dragon Flight, Dragon Spear, Tuesdays at the Castle, and Princess of the Midnight Ball just recently. Talk about a lot of stuff! I was dead over the weekend. And jsut earlier I had to go to the radiologists to get a heart scan to see if I have acid reflux....or heartburn...or cancer....but it all turned out fine, nothing wrong. Tomorrow I'm getting a REG scan or something of the sort, and the day after I'm getting blood work for hemoglobin and mops (it actually isn't mops, just I can't remember the name).  Gulp.  Last time they drew a half pint of blood, I threw up. Needless to say I'm a squeamish person.

     Anyhow, enough of my complaints. I'd better get writing!



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