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Fractals: Calc

     Ever heard of a fractal? The most common one is called the Mandelbrot. To explain it, a fractal is a calculus mathematical expression that is a figure.  If you zoom in close enough on any point in that figure, you'll find that that exact same figure makes up that point.  And it you zoom in on any exact point of that figure, it's the same figure! To put it simply, let's say I take a picture of you and make an infinite amount of copies of this photo.  Then I use these photos to make one big photo of you that's EXACTLY the same. You can zoom in on a fractal forever and find the same figure, over and over and over.  It never stops. Think of it as a graphical representation of calculus meets infinity.  Cool, eh?

     I discovered fractals a few months ago but only decided to share it now. (No reason why I held back, by the way.)  And what's cooler, a few weeks ago, I found a program taht actually lets you create your own fractals! (Mine is not a Mandelbrot, by the way.) If you want to see some Mandelbrot fractals, search it on YouTube: Mandelbrot fractal zoom.  They're supercool.  Anyway, so I made my own fractal. For some reason mine always turn out looking like trees. *scratches head* Anyway, here goes.

     I am so sorry that they're this huge.  But hey, can you see the pattern appear again and again? Believe it or not, this pattern of my trees is going on forever!!!! (MWAHAHAHAHA)

     If you want to try making your own, visit recursivedrawing.com and listen to the tutorial first. Then have fun!!




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