Tuesday, 5. March 2013 - 18:18 Uhr

There Has Been A MISTAKE

     Please don't kill me for it!  I was reading through the comments and it seems that a few of you have a misconception about the Cover Release! blog post.  I remember saying this when I first released covers, but it's been so long since then that I'm not surprised you've forgotten.....so, I wanted to strongly remind you, I DID NOT DRAW THESE COVERS MYSELF. (You can find the background pictures online.)  I didn't! I swear!  All the credit for those pictures goes to somebody else.  The only stuff I did was put it all together, add the text, some shadowing on the edges, crop, etc.. The only cover that is truly made by me only is the Ariana Story.  Oh, and All On A Puzzle.  Otherwise, I have used pictures from other sources.

     Just wanted to clear that up so I don't get sued.




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