Sunday, 3. March 2013 - 19:31 Uhr

Cover Release!

     Or, more accurate, coverS release. I've been hard at work (okay, maybe not HARD) and have designed a lot of covers recently! That being said, recently means in that last half hour. Talk about working efficient! Anyway, the covers for Lost and the ENTIRE Shadow Kingdom trilogy covers have been released.  Check them out on their respective pages! The ones for Shadow Kingdom are kind of iffy; there are parts I don't like.  I KNOW the one for The Shadow Kingdom is creepy, so don't tell me that it's creepy because I know.  I used it because it's creepy, but I wish it were a little LESS the way, all the dark red stuff is suppsoe to be rose petals, not blood, so please don't get them mixed up. ;)

    Toodles. Enjoy the covers :)




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