Thursday, 28. February 2013 - 19:32 Uhr

The Ariana-Lost Complex

     Yay, another complex! Our favorite.  By the way, I have a sore wrist, so pleas forgive any typos in this post. anyway yeah there's another complex. I'm drawing a picture and I meant for it to be Seren and James from my newest addition to the Lost story (if you have not seen the Nearra-Charlotte COmplex, it's a fwe posts back).  Today I showed what I have so far of the picture to Weewaa, and Weewaa was like, "Is that supposed to be Ariana and Cade?" And now that I look at her reasoning yeah it DOES look like Ari and Cade. Waah! I spent a long time working over my newest picture and now I'm not sure if it's still okay for it to be Seren and James ('cause I don't want anyone getting them confused with Ari and Cade.)  By the way, Serena dn james are siblings, but if Ari and Cade are NOT. Tehe.

     I'll post what I have so far of the picture so you guys can make the decision for yourself, 'cause I need some help.  Does it look like Ariana and Cade to you? Or do you think it's still appropriate to make it Seren and james?

     Waah, another huge one. Please pardon the color samples for the hair in the corner and the flat skin tone and cloth as I have not shaded those yet (my tablet is acting up--grr).  Do you think they look too much like Ari and Cade? for reference to those characters you can check Ariana's Palace (  There's a big picture of Ari on the cover of the book on the homepage of the site, and there are pictures of Cade if you find him n the profiles.  If it looks like Seren and James (or rather not like ari and cade), great, if it does, well, then I will have an excellent new picture of them to put up soon. :)

     Feedback, please!




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