Tuesday, 26. February 2013 - 16:59 Uhr

Cast in True Confessions/Lost

     Just wanted to update you guys on some of the characters I plan to put in Lost (aka True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle: edited).

Main character: Nearra. (You should know her from what I have of Lost so far.) Pronounced nee-AIR-a.

Brother: Spyder. (name is subject to change.)

Sister: Nicole (name subject to change.)

Captain: no idea. What do YOU think his name should be? (leave a comment, please.)

Seren: another character. Why do i get the feeling that I have a character already named Seren somehwere. You can pronounce it Sair-en or Seer-in. [I say Sair-en.]

James: Seren's brother.

Violet: another girl on the ship....I don't know much about her yet....(ME [as in the honorary Tsarmina coworkers' guild member] and I are writing it together, and she made up Violet.)

Marvin and Marvis: one of them's a cat. The other one's a person. ME made them up, and I can't figure out who is who.


That's really all so far. I mean, there are a couple other people from the original Lost story (Luk, Amalia, Suzune, Raedon, Shardas, Velika, etc.) but I might edit them. I just didn't feel like listing them, to be true....

     Oh yeah, and you can expect a picture coming soon. ;) (HINT, HINT)




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