Sunday, 24. February 2013 - 09:25 Uhr

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     Hi guys. Sorry for the no-update thing...yeah....I guess I've just been REALLY busy. So yeah anyway. I printed out what I have so far of Shadow Kingdom (and have found one typo...=.= can you find it? ;) )  and it's a freaking 94 pages. I am well on my way to an eighth of the way there!!! (did i spell eighth right? I always have trouble with that one.) anyway, it's definitely going to take a lot more work if I wanna getit finished by the end of December! *looks at all the work ahead* *GROAN* Kiddin. I love writing this thing, and I'm surprised that I've filled up so many pages when I'm not exactly at any action yet. O_o So yeah, that was that, just wanted to show you my accomplished thing so far. I think I'll be printing out more of Shadow Kingdom as I go so I can judge how far I've gotten and how thick the book would be when it's finished. Hehe.




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