Tuesday, 29. January 2013 - 19:58 Uhr


     Another picture for Alice is done.  It's the cover for the Prologue (I know what you're thinking: a prologue cover? Seriously?), and I spent a little bit of time on it...even though I've been working on this (sparsely) for a few months now, I haven't ever showed you guys the inbetween parts.  Anyway, so the cover's done.  I did it all in color, then converted to grayscale, since the real book is probably going to be in grayscale, but I didn't want to lose the color version because I like it better...Anyway, here you are.

     Come one, another huge one? So , yeah, there's the cover in color. (Cool titling, huh? I did the font in Painted, using a calligraphic brush.  I especially like the color...shame it doesn't have the same effect in grayscale.)  I know Alice looks really young, and she looks even younger when she's not upside-down, but there's a reason for that.  Don't you like the title? Depression: Ageless Soul...how mysterious.  In the real Alice in Wonderland, there's not prologue, not to mention that Alice isn't depressed, and that she isn't 15 but rather 7. Doesn't seven seem a bit young to you for a good story? So in my version she's suddenly gained like 8 years. That's more than double!  Oh yeah, and here's the grayscale, but I don't care much for it:

     Brr.  She looks downright ghostly. Well, yeah, I don't like it as much....not quite the same effect...

     I put this under Alice's tab, the Image Gallery on the homepage, and White Fox Learning's gallery.  (If you want to see ALLLLLL my pictures, you'll want to go to White Fox Learning; some of the ones you haven't seen are hanging out over there. The address is mnsu12.wix.com/whitefoxlearning)

     Enjoy! I dunno when I'm going to strat actually writing this thing, but hey, I sure do enjoy the drawings!!!
     Lots of love to all of you.




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