Sunday, 27. January 2013 - 20:57 Uhr

Yet Another New Site? Hehe

     Yeah, I started a new site. (I never seem to get tired of these, eh? Just keep churning them out like a printing machine...) Anyway, it's called White Fox Learning.  I know that's a weird name, and no, Foxgirl, sorry but it's not named after you...the address is  I thought that with everyone asking me to make manga tutorials and whatnot, I'd use a new site for it.  The name has a strange history that you can find on the White Fox Learning site.  I also sent an email to I think every one of you who have given me email addresses inviting you to participate in the forum I put on there!  Yes, a real forum.  It's super-cool. :) You have to join, be a "member" of the forum and blah blah blah, but you guys can just breeze past that requirement stuff.  I know you'll love White Fox Learning, despite the fact that it's a bit more than haphazard at this point...:) Go and visit as soon as you feel up to it, all right?

     I haven't written Shadow Kingdom for half a week.  Go figure.  I've been up to my neck in testing (yesterday) and then of course drawing little Cade (that's what the file is called.  I know, it's tacky XD), and now I'm working on another Alice thing...well, I'll do my best.

     Love y'all.




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