Tuesday, 15. January 2013 - 21:07 Uhr

Shadow Kingdom Update

     So, I was talking to Taj Mahal a little earlier today, and I just updated Shadow Kingdom.  (So, you guys who wanna read, read away.)  Sorry about the change in font near the bottom...I dunno why it does that on some of 'em and doesn't do it on others. *scratches head* So, yeah, you guys can read all that diddle-daddle stuff that I like to write and draw out and make you guys say "WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LOOOOOONG??" and I'm like "Oops."

     Taj Mahal asked me about the Fontana family tree; yes, I'm going to introduce some new characters (did you think it was just going to be a handful? No, I have a lot of them), but a lot of the older ones, the distant people, and the deceased people you shouldn't worry about...they're just there to tell you their family tree; it's not like they're going to be important. :) So go forth, and reeeeeeeeeaaaad!




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