Tuesday, 15. January 2013 - 18:13 Uhr

Ideas, Anyone?

     Okay, sorry that I haven't been responding to emails lately; I just went on a sudden email dash and emailed everyone back.  @[name]: Sorry about the email with the big paragraph--you know what I'm talking about--but it didn't go through. :(

     Okay, so let's cut to the chase. I bet you guys checked out my post with the Alice Chapter One splash page done, right? (If you haven't, you probably should to get an idea of what I'm asking.)  So, I'm trying to figure out what to draw for Chapter Two.  The design has to be the size of half a sheet of printer paper (width-wise), and it has to have manga on it, of course...and it can't be totally unrelated.  We're talking Alice in Wonderland here, so don't go around suggesting me to draw martians or fairies or something.

     I'm just not sure what to draw...right now I'm tired of writing, no matter how strange that seems, so I'm turning to art, but I still don't know WHAT.  Any ideas?




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