Saturday, 12. January 2013 - 18:38 Uhr


     I'm sooooo excited!!  I've been working all day on getting this one annoying frame of my Alice story rasterized and tidied up (it was originally scanned, which helped and hurt at the same time).  Check it out!  I actually used REAL Photoshop font for printing and levels of Glow, Diffuse, and Filter.  It took FOREVER =_______________________=  <--a very tired face.  But I'm pleased with the results!  I wish you guys could see the original looks much nicer...but yeah, so, here it is.

     Isn't it cool???? *waving arms excitedly*  I know, it's a total letdown--I bet you guys were expecting some kind of huge finale for the big deal I made--but for me, this was a giant step forward from what I'm used to--using scanned lineart and transforming it, tightening up the line work in other places, merging, experimenting with Photoshop's levels of whatevers, rasterizing it all in Painter, making those funny little glow thingies by hand, using text with actual Photoshop-provided font...I'm always so excited when I come up with something. ^^"  This is one of the first pages in the actual Alice book--so, yes, it starts out with manga.  The first chapter will be mostly words, I think, but for this part (is it a preface? Intro? You decide) it's all manga.  That's not very amazing, considering I planned it out on pages?

     Yes, Alice is an ice skater.  I'll explain more later when I get more of the stupid beginning rasterized and drawn up for you all. I know there isn't much to see here, but feel free to linger over the motion and fluidity (that I tried to put in) and the details--I think the ice skates (this was my first time drawing ice skates) turned out well, especially her left one; that is, from your guy's POV, the one closest to the right side of the page.  Alice genuinely LOVES ice's a sad story...well, I'll have to continue it later on.  *sighs*  So, yeah, even though it seem rather unimpressive and there's only a little bit of the actual story going on here, I think (and hope) that you'll appreciate the art,  I'm not used to drawing ice skaters, so this was an enormous success for me!





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