Sunday, 13. January 2013 - 12:00 Uhr

Down the Rabbit Hole

     Chapter One's cover page for my Alice in Wonderland is officially completed!  This, though it looks very sophisticated, took MUCH less time than the page with Alice ice-skating because I just [accidentally] discovered a new, handy tool called the Auto-Correct Adjustment Tool, and it was by mere chance that I clicked on it and my job was already half-completed, sparing me two hours' painstaking tracing line art work.  :D  Hoorah!  Anyway, though I have been a busy little bee with Shadow Kingdom, I'm really starting to fall in love the Alice story as well, and I just couldn't help but start this, yeah, here's the cover page for Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole.

     Man, why do they have to be so dang huge????  Well, anyway, there's the cover :)  I know the leaves thing is kinda iffy (I might clean that up better later--but for now I'm just procrastinating) but isn't it nice?  And I know the line art's kinda crinkly because I didn't trace it over with the smooth tools of Photoshop, but when it's normal-sized and not this honking big thing, it looks quite natural and pretty, and there's no evidence of scraggly line art.  The title is rasterized, not using a font in Photoshop (I painted the title in Corel Painter Essentials--even if I'd used a Photoshop font, it would've been rasterized when I imported it into Painter, anyway).  As usual, I'm hugely excited at my having so much accomplished.  This was a speedy job, but it turned out to be brilliant!  Well, in my opinion; maybe I'm exaggerating because I'm just proud of my work, per usual. ^^"  So, yeah, that's that...I know it's lame that I haven't written any of the actual written part of the Alice story yet, but right now when I write I'm doing Shadow Kingdom, and when I draw I'm doing Alice, so I'll have to put a quick pause on writing anything else.




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