Sunday, 6. January 2013 - 21:05 Uhr

Taj Mahal; Go!

     Hello-lo!  Taj Mahal, I am pleased to say, has won the Foreign Award! Yeh! Congrats, Taj Mahal.  (applause from all sides)  So yeah, good job! You won this award because even though you're new, and haven't even been here for half a month, you've already jumped in and made contributions (all of which have helped me lot).  I always appreciate input and literary criticism.  I'm glad that Taj Mahal has been working with me, and as a new member, you still have done so much already.  
     Congrats again!  The Foreign Award picture has appeared on the member roster next to your name.


-EDIT- By the way, Taj Mahal has also been promoted to Zen Level.




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