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Refreshing Old Memories...

     Thought I might refresh some of the stuff from really early blog posts that you guys might take the time to do if you've read the stories and are bored out of nyour mind waiting for me to update. ^^" There's the Lilette/Riswynn Story Contest, as well as the Princess Games Contest, and the Shadow Kingdom Survey.  I'd greatly appreciate it if you filled these, I'm going to repeat them. (These are just copy-and-paste from the original blog posts.)


Lilette/Riswynn Story CONTEST

  As you might've seen, I do not have a name for the "cousin" in my Lilette/Riswynn story.  I was thinking, and I was like, "hey!  Why not ask the people what they think?"  So here we are; tell me what name you think is good for this guy.  (And yes, he's MALE O_o
     here's a quick description: he has dark chestnut-roan hair that's a bit on the shaggy side but is really soft-looking, and green eyes.  I'm not talking regular green eyes, he has green eyes, like sunlight on leaves, and hinted with hazel and even a little bit of grey around the pupil.  He has fair skin, a pointy chin, is not like muscleman or anything but he's still pretty athletic-looking.  He likes the color cobalt blue.  Has a good-natured personality, cracks jokes, sometimes sarcastic but only when necessary.  Very protective of his cousin Lilette.
So tell me a good name! I need one! Pleeeeeeease!!!! :'O


Princess Games Contest

 I think all of you have seen the Princess Games tab on the storyworld.  Well, I've changed my mind.  Instead of me coming up with the names for the characters equivalent to 50 Cent's (she changed her name AGAIN), YOU guys get to come up with 'em!  Kindly read the story first--it's still on wattpad.  Her writing style is delicious (if not a little confusing) so I would greatly appreciate it if you read the story (which is a bit long) and then provide some names for me...Thanks.


Shadow Kingdom Survey

 Here's the survey, kindly read the story first. 
1. Though you don't know much, do you prefer Cassius or Castil (Lord Seigfried)?
2. Who's your favorite character? (Choose only ONE)
3. Who's your second favorite character?
4. What do you think of Cassius so far?
5. What do you think of Castil (Lord Seigfried) so far?
6. What do you think of the Shadow King so far? (Chapters 2-3)
7. Do you think Wednesday should end up with Castil (Seigfried) or Cassius?
8. Out of the three sisters, which is your favorite?
9. Who's your favorite Goddess (Chapters 2-4)?
10. Second favorite Goddess?
11. Third?
12.  Who do you think stole Wednesday's medicine? (Chapters 1-2)
13. Do you think Cassius loves Willow back?
14. Why do you think Wednesday's father is now paying more attention to her?
15. What do you think of the "war" that's starting?
16. What's your overall opinion of the story so far?
17. What secrets do you think the characters have?
18. Do you think this story has a timeless, magical feel to it?
19. Do you like this story?
20. What improvements can I make to the story?
     Thanks guys! I really appreciate answers and a little blurb on what you think. If you have anything else you want to comment on, go ahead and blurt it out.


So yeah, those are some old memories that I thought I could use (now that we have more members who hopefully will be more active than the handful from back in...May?!  It's only been less than a year and this site is going strong.  <3 I love you guys ALL so much for all your help...

     All right, what are you waiting for? Read away, and do all the stuff.




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