Saturday, 5. January 2013 - 11:57 Uhr


     Okay, guys, so sorry that my appearance and action on the site has dwindled to a bare minimum...T.T  I'm just really overloaded with work, plus I'm doing everything I can to get Shadow Kindom done.  For some reason, that story seems to progress at the speed of a snail!  Plus, I'm struggling with Shadow Kingdom or Witches of Reilli because I HAVE the writing for WOR, I just need to revise and edit...but I absolutely despise editing that story, I dunno why.  So, I'm sticking with Shadow Kingdom, but it's costing me...
     I've mostly been trying to keep up with all the emails flooding in.  Keep it up, guys!  If I don't blog for a while, assume that I'm off typing on this very keyboard to deliver Shadow Kingdom to a publisher at the end of the year.




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