Tuesday, 29. January 2013 - 19:58 Uhr


     Another picture for Alice is done.  It's the cover for the Prologue (I know what you're thinking: a prologue cover? Seriously?), and I spent a little bit of time on it...even though I've been working on this (sparsely) for a few months now, I haven't ever showed you guys the inbetween parts.  Anyway, so the cover's done.  I did it all in color, then converted to grayscale, since the real book is probably going to be in grayscale, but I didn't want to lose the color version because I like it better...Anyway, here you are.

     Come one, another huge one? So , yeah, there's the cover in color. (Cool titling, huh? I did the font in Painted, using a calligraphic brush.  I especially like the color...shame it doesn't have the same effect in grayscale.)  I know Alice looks really young, and she looks even younger when she's not upside-down, but there's a reason for that.  Don't you like the title? Depression: Ageless Soul...how mysterious.  In the real Alice in Wonderland, there's not prologue, not to mention that Alice isn't depressed, and that she isn't 15 but rather 7. Doesn't seven seem a bit young to you for a good story? So in my version she's suddenly gained like 8 years. That's more than double!  Oh yeah, and here's the grayscale, but I don't care much for it:

     Brr.  She looks downright ghostly. Well, yeah, I don't like it as much....not quite the same effect...

     I put this under Alice's tab, the Image Gallery on the homepage, and White Fox Learning's gallery.  (If you want to see ALLLLLL my pictures, you'll want to go to White Fox Learning; some of the ones you haven't seen are hanging out over there. The address is mnsu12.wix.com/whitefoxlearning)

     Enjoy! I dunno when I'm going to strat actually writing this thing, but hey, I sure do enjoy the drawings!!!
     Lots of love to all of you.





Sunday, 27. January 2013 - 20:57 Uhr

Yet Another New Site? Hehe

     Yeah, I started a new site. (I never seem to get tired of these, eh? Just keep churning them out like a printing machine...) Anyway, it's called White Fox Learning.  I know that's a weird name, and no, Foxgirl, sorry but it's not named after you...the address is mnsu12.wix.com/whitefoxlearning.  I thought that with everyone asking me to make manga tutorials and whatnot, I'd use a new site for it.  The name has a strange history that you can find on the White Fox Learning site.  I also sent an email to I think every one of you who have given me email addresses inviting you to participate in the forum I put on there!  Yes, a real forum.  It's super-cool. :) You have to join, be a "member" of the forum and blah blah blah, but you guys can just breeze past that requirement stuff.  I know you'll love White Fox Learning, despite the fact that it's a bit more than haphazard at this point...:) Go and visit as soon as you feel up to it, all right?

     I haven't written Shadow Kingdom for half a week.  Go figure.  I've been up to my neck in testing (yesterday) and then of course drawing little Cade (that's what the file is called.  I know, it's tacky XD), and now I'm working on another Alice thing...well, I'll do my best.

     Love y'all.





Saturday, 26. January 2013 - 19:07 Uhr


    Don't worry, the impressive title lives up to its spectacularity (or at least in my humble opinion).  Ladies and gentlemen....I present to you...MY NEWEST PICTURE!!!

     Well, perhaps not just yet.  I've been working on this one dang thing for a week now, pouring all my effort into it...ahhhhhhh, but it turned out to definitely be worth it! The picture is MY original work! :) I should start signing mine so no one can copy them...*stingy, hehe*

     The picture is of Cade from Ariana Story.  If you guys haven't seen the other picture of Cade I've drawn, here it is: Yeah, I know, it's huge....

     So, that's Cade now.  But what I just finished was drawing Cade when he was younger.  Heheheheee...*suspicious-sounding*  Sorry, guys. You know how crazy excited I get when I finish a picture *squeeeeeeeeeeee!* In my new picture, Cade is probably like thirteen/fourteen, somewhere around there, hopefully...I forgot how old he is in the picture above.  Oops.  Anyway, like usual, the new picture was created in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 for the line art, and colored in Corel Painter Essentials 4.  Okay, so I'm finally unveiling it...(though you probably already spotted it)

     Errk.  He's even larger than older Cade.  You can see all my miniscule mistakes! (Nooooooooooooo! Zoom out immediately!!!)  Anyway, like I was saying *ahem*...I also put this picture on the Ariana Story tab and Ariana's Palace (her site: storyworldariana.page4.me) and the Image Gallery under the Home button.  Again, the picture is my own work...I had to put in a lot of effort.  You know how much time the skin and jacket thingy took?  The jacket hood alone took one day!

     Okay, I'll stop berating you guys for something you have no interest in ^^" Well, what are you waiting for? Comment!  I wanna know what you think!!!!

Lots of <3





Friday, 18. January 2013 - 17:39 Uhr

Death Train Infant

     Death Train has an update, and it's a tiny little update.  It's just a baby update, you guys will read it in like thirty seconds.  Still, I just felt like getting it done.





Tuesday, 15. January 2013 - 21:07 Uhr

Shadow Kingdom Update

     So, I was talking to Taj Mahal a little earlier today, and I just updated Shadow Kingdom.  (So, you guys who wanna read, read away.)  Sorry about the change in font near the bottom...I dunno why it does that on some of 'em and doesn't do it on others. *scratches head* So, yeah, you guys can read all that diddle-daddle stuff that I like to write and draw out and make you guys say "WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LOOOOOONG??" and I'm like "Oops."

     Taj Mahal asked me about the Fontana family tree; yes, I'm going to introduce some new characters (did you think it was just going to be a handful? No, I have a lot of them), but a lot of the older ones, the distant people, and the deceased people you shouldn't worry about...they're just there to tell you their family tree; it's not like they're going to be important. :) So go forth, and reeeeeeeeeaaaad!





Tuesday, 15. January 2013 - 18:21 Uhr

The Tree is Coming

     Ooooo-kay.  I didn't mean for that title to sound so ominous.  The Tree is Coming....*shivers*  haha.  I know it's pathetic.  Well, my original plan was NOT to make it sound like a tree-apocalypse or anything.  I just wanted to say that I'm working on resuming the Fontana family tree (from Shadow Kingdom, if you didn't know) and this time I'm adding in new people...it's just such a pain to FIT EVERYONE...rawr.  

     I'm not done yet, but I'll update you when it's finished. :) Cheers.





Tuesday, 15. January 2013 - 18:13 Uhr

Ideas, Anyone?

     Okay, sorry that I haven't been responding to emails lately; I just went on a sudden email dash and emailed everyone back.  @[name]: Sorry about the email with the big paragraph--you know what I'm talking about--but it didn't go through. :(

     Okay, so let's cut to the chase. I bet you guys checked out my post with the Alice Chapter One splash page done, right? (If you haven't, you probably should to get an idea of what I'm asking.)  So, I'm trying to figure out what to draw for Chapter Two.  The design has to be the size of half a sheet of printer paper (width-wise), and it has to have manga on it, of course...and it can't be totally unrelated.  We're talking Alice in Wonderland here, so don't go around suggesting me to draw martians or fairies or something.

     I'm just not sure what to draw...right now I'm tired of writing, no matter how strange that seems, so I'm turning to art, but I still don't know WHAT.  Any ideas?




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Sunday, 13. January 2013 - 14:33 Uhr

Taj Mahal Won!!

     Sorry for the slight delay, Taj Mahal...but you won the Fixer Award!  Taj Mahal spotted a mistake in my writing of the latest chapter of the Shadow Kingdom...I'll update it and fix it on the page shortly. ;)  Thanks!  The Fixer Award has appeared next to your name on the Member Roster.  Do't forget; you can win this award multiple times, one for every typo/error.  The only story this award does not pertain to is the Phantom, because I don't edit it or anything...at least, not yet.

     I'm writing Shadow Kingdom and taking a break from Alice and all her pictures. :)





Sunday, 13. January 2013 - 12:00 Uhr

Down the Rabbit Hole

     Chapter One's cover page for my Alice in Wonderland is officially completed!  This, though it looks very sophisticated, took MUCH less time than the page with Alice ice-skating because I just [accidentally] discovered a new, handy tool called the Auto-Correct Adjustment Tool, and it was by mere chance that I clicked on it and my job was already half-completed, sparing me two hours' painstaking tracing line art work.  :D  Hoorah!  Anyway, though I have been a busy little bee with Shadow Kingdom, I'm really starting to fall in love the Alice story as well, and I just couldn't help but start this up...so, yeah, here's the cover page for Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole.

     Man, why do they have to be so dang huge????  Well, anyway, there's the cover :)  I know the leaves thing is kinda iffy (I might clean that up better later--but for now I'm just procrastinating) but isn't it nice?  And I know the line art's kinda crinkly because I didn't trace it over with the smooth tools of Photoshop, but when it's normal-sized and not this honking big thing, it looks quite natural and pretty, and there's no evidence of scraggly line art.  The title is rasterized, not using a font in Photoshop (I painted the title in Corel Painter Essentials--even if I'd used a Photoshop font, it would've been rasterized when I imported it into Painter, anyway).  As usual, I'm hugely excited at my having so much accomplished.  This was a speedy job, but it turned out to be brilliant!  Well, in my opinion; maybe I'm exaggerating because I'm just proud of my work, per usual. ^^"  So, yeah, that's that...I know it's lame that I haven't written any of the actual written part of the Alice story yet, but right now when I write I'm doing Shadow Kingdom, and when I draw I'm doing Alice, so I'll have to put a quick pause on writing anything else.





Saturday, 12. January 2013 - 18:38 Uhr


     I'm sooooo excited!!  I've been working all day on getting this one annoying frame of my Alice story rasterized and tidied up (it was originally scanned, which helped and hurt at the same time).  Check it out!  I actually used REAL Photoshop font for printing and levels of Glow, Diffuse, and Filter.  It took FOREVER =_______________________=  <--a very tired face.  But I'm pleased with the results!  I wish you guys could see the original file...it looks much nicer...but yeah, so, here it is.

     Isn't it cool???? *waving arms excitedly*  I know, it's a total letdown--I bet you guys were expecting some kind of huge finale for the big deal I made--but for me, this was a giant step forward from what I'm used to--using scanned lineart and transforming it, tightening up the line work in other places, merging, experimenting with Photoshop's levels of whatevers, rasterizing it all in Painter, making those funny little glow thingies by hand, using text with actual Photoshop-provided font...I'm always so excited when I come up with something. ^^"  This is one of the first pages in the actual Alice book--so, yes, it starts out with manga.  The first chapter will be mostly words, I think, but for this part (is it a preface? Intro? You decide) it's all manga.  That's not very amazing, considering I planned it out on as...er...five pages?

     Yes, Alice is an ice skater.  I'll explain more later when I get more of the stupid beginning rasterized and drawn up for you all. I know there isn't much to see here, but feel free to linger over the motion and fluidity (that I tried to put in) and the details--I think the ice skates (this was my first time drawing ice skates) turned out well, especially her left one; that is, from your guy's POV, the one closest to the right side of the page.  Alice genuinely LOVES ice skating...it's a sad story...well, I'll have to continue it later on.  *sighs*  So, yeah, even though it seem rather unimpressive and there's only a little bit of the actual story going on here, I think (and hope) that you'll appreciate the art,  I'm not used to drawing ice skaters, so this was an enormous success for me!






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