Saturday, 29. December 2012 - 15:29 Uhr

And the Winner is...

     Okay, I'm giving away my yearly BELL Award, for Best Ever Little Lieutenant!  This is a huge deal, especially since it's annual, and I always have to put a lot of effort into deciding who gets it, because all of you are deserving of the BELL Award T.T  <--tears of joy/consternation at the same time XD

     Well, so, yeah, anyways...this year I'm giving the BELL Award to....

     Drumroll, please, and scroll down to see the winner.
















     Congrats, Curly! You are this year's Best Ever Little Lieutenant, a HUGE honor, and something that you can show for!  I chose Curly because even though she's relatively new, she has worked in this site and put in effort, is a good sport, comments a lot, talks with me a lot, reads a lot, was really hard for me to make the choice. Really I was deciding between three candidates: [name], Foxgirl, and Curly.  Sorry, [name] and Foxgirl, I really wish you guys could get it too...:( All three of you were/are so hardworking and dedicated to this site! It makes me wanna cry.

     So, yeah, good job, Curly!  The BELL Award has appeared next to your name on the Member Roster and it will forever!!!!!!

     Let's all work hard to get the BELL Award next year, too!




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