Friday, 21. December 2012 - 18:48 Uhr

Leave of Absence; READ NOW!

     Hi guys, thought I might notify you faithful blog readers:

     I will be taking a leave of absence from December 22 (that's tomorrow) to about December 27.  I will have LITTLE OR NO Internet connection during this time, so I will not be able to go on the blog, update stories, etc.  (However, when I get back, you can expect an onslaught of updates because I'm bringing my laptop with me, and I'll be typing away on the trip.) But during that 5-day period, I will not be able to answer emails, update, or even just say Merry Christmas on the blog. I will not be on the site for those days.  When I come bcak, I expect for all of you to have commented your heads off!

     So I'm saying my goodbye tonight.  See you in 5 days!




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