Sunday, 9. December 2012 - 18:11 Uhr

Alice in Wonderland :D

     Another picture for you all!  This is a new character you haven't met yet: Amberique!!! She's the Queen of Wonderland--NOT just the Queen of Hearts (or in my case, since the genders are flipped, KING of Hearts [Asthone!]), which is why she has all the suits on her.  Don't ask why her hair is red/magenta.  Even though Amberique looks a little scary, she's really a cool person...and there's a reason for why she's so young, btw, but I'll have to tell you later.  Anyway, expect the picture to be it is...

Yep, just as expected, she's ENORMOUS! (Mind you, she's not fat!) You'll just have to scroll your screens outward to see it better.  I also posted Amberique on the Alice in Wonderland page.

     Enjoy and comment! Isn't she gorgeous (in a kind of scary, ominous way)?




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