Thursday, 6. December 2012 - 18:27 Uhr

Lost is Actually Updated?!

     I know that the notion of Lost having an update is extremely weird, especially since it was one of those "should I stay or should I go" stories...but here we are!  I do know that while the main body of Lost was written in fourth grade, I'm tweaking it a little.  Okay, never mind, I'm completely changing the deatils.  The story plot is still more or less that same...if you read the little part I've posted on the Lost tab, you'll find that it's in first person, while Lost is SUPPOSED to be in third person.  Fear not!  Lost will be in third person, but that particular part just happens to be in first and not in third.

     By now, I  know for sure that I want to continue Lost, but at this point I'm practically rewriting. This will be a typed story, so expect some updates in the somewhat-near future!




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