Friday, 23. November 2012 - 09:51 Uhr

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

     Well, I think we've all had a great night/day of fun.  How was your guys' Thanksgiving? Sorry I didn't post about it yesterday--we had to leave for a Thanksgiving lunch. Why we had Thanksgiving lunch instead of dinner, I had no clue.  So how was it for you? Any of you do something fun? My Thanksgiving morning was on the computer, furiously working on Ariel's page.  How fun.  At twelve-thirty, we left for a friend's house where we were having Thanksgiving with a few other families.  We only ate lunch at three, by which time I was dead on my feet (I have a strict three meals a day policy), but the turkey was great, the stuffing was tasty.  I didn't really like the cranberry sauce. We also brought salmon, mmm. The mashed potatoes were amazing, and I ate a lot of green beans. Then we had pie--YAY--and apple cobbler with whipped cream...I think I'm going to end up fat. Sigh.  Well, now I have incentive to exercise it all off.

     We don't go Black Friday shopping, so yeah, that was kind of a fail for us.  Did any of you go? Must've been crack of dawn--or earlier--when you woke up if you were going.

     So, yeah, tell me a little about your Thanksgiving, and Black Friday...




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