Wednesday, 7. November 2012 - 17:18 Uhr

The Phantom--You Know What? And POLITICS!

     I'm just tired of putting it off.  I'm releasing The Phantom, but it's unedited and unrevised and I typed it up on an iPad, so there are TONS of mistakes.  If you want to read it, fine, ut don't blame me if you get to some word that looks like its from Mars, because I told you it's not edited.  I might change some stuff in this story...I'm thinking about transporting parts of the story plan to Peter Pawn and I think the Phantom will have to adopt a new kind of backline...

     Well, just try and read it, and if you don't understand just give me a holler through the Contact button.

     By the way! I don't know if you know this (and if you don't live where I do this wasn't happening for you) but yesterday was Election Day for the U.S.--they're electing a President.  It was Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney, and the race was a dead heat, all the way up to the polls.  Romney won most of the lower states, Obama got most of the smaller upper ones.  I'm not too sure about in the West, because I didn't stay up that long.  The last polls closed up at 11:00 at night. Wow, that's LATE. Each presidential candidate needed at least 270 electoral votes to win, and they were neck and neck.  It started with Obama: 3 Romney: 11, and then later on it became Obama: 16 Romney: 21, and then even later it was Obama: 78 Romney: 54, and I stayed up until it was at Obama: 121 Romney: 144 or something similar to that.
     Guess who won? 
     I'm an Obama supporter, so that made me real happy...I'm sure a lot of you Americans out there supported Romney, too, since the race was so close. Another four years in the White House...well, good luck Obama, because if the U.S. economy goes down any further, there's going to be serious trouble...

      I know, I'm SUCH a politics nerd.  I can't help it.  I LOVE debate so much, and it helps that I'm good at it.
     Well, let all the Obama supporters out there rejoice!




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