Thursday, 29. November 2012 - 21:29 Uhr


     Sorry about the lack of blog posts.  Page4 had a sudden breakdown and I couldn't access any of my pages to warn you...not that I think any of you checked the blog anyway. Little buggers. :P Kidding.  Well, anyway, now I'm back, and I just wanted to say sorry about that...

     I can't believe it's so close to December already! I'm excited for Christmas...I'd better buy some presents.





Sunday, 25. November 2012 - 17:29 Uhr

[name] Suddenly Makes A Discovery?!

     Trumpet fanfare! Streamers! Confetti! Choir!  Spotlight...ACTION!  Guess what? [name], one of our most active members, along with TTJ and Foxgirl and Curly, has found...THE FIRST CLUE!!! Congrats to you, [name]!  [name] isn't telling where, because what's the fun in that? I'll let slip another tiny hint so you can find the First Clue like [name]...when I say that I love to read, it isn't necessarily books that I've written...HINT, HINT.

     Congratulations [name], and it looks like you'll be on your way to the Second Clue in no time~





Sunday, 25. November 2012 - 17:25 Uhr

Ariel Update, AGAIN

     Ariel has another update.  I've put up more of Chapter Two (it's still  not done yet, don't expect it to be), PLUS, all the profiles for the characters have been finished! You can read them, but they contain lots and lots and lots of be on the watch, and skip the suckers if you want!

     I like all the characters. This story has evolved into a three-way battle plan: government vs. Ivory Moon vs. Black Star...





Friday, 23. November 2012 - 09:51 Uhr

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

     Well, I think we've all had a great night/day of fun.  How was your guys' Thanksgiving? Sorry I didn't post about it yesterday--we had to leave for a Thanksgiving lunch. Why we had Thanksgiving lunch instead of dinner, I had no clue.  So how was it for you? Any of you do something fun? My Thanksgiving morning was on the computer, furiously working on Ariel's page.  How fun.  At twelve-thirty, we left for a friend's house where we were having Thanksgiving with a few other families.  We only ate lunch at three, by which time I was dead on my feet (I have a strict three meals a day policy), but the turkey was great, the stuffing was tasty.  I didn't really like the cranberry sauce. We also brought salmon, mmm. The mashed potatoes were amazing, and I ate a lot of green beans. Then we had pie--YAY--and apple cobbler with whipped cream...I think I'm going to end up fat. Sigh.  Well, now I have incentive to exercise it all off.

     We don't go Black Friday shopping, so yeah, that was kind of a fail for us.  Did any of you go? Must've been crack of dawn--or earlier--when you woke up if you were going.

     So, yeah, tell me a little about your Thanksgiving, and Black Friday...





Friday, 23. November 2012 - 09:32 Uhr

Foxgirl Wins Again??

     Really, guys, you are making it WAY too easy for our top commenter, award-winning, star Foxgirl.  Good job, Foxgirl! I just wonder why nobody is challenging you...well, Curly's getting there ;) Watch out! TTJ and [name], where'd you guys go? On vacation? Haven't heard either of you for a while...

     Well, anyway, Foxgirl found another mistake in my stories, in Mermaid, Chapter Three, in Sakura Sorita's email.  So, if any of you went "Huh?" while reading that part, thank Foxgirl, because I just fixed it.

     And that's all! Thanks, Foxgirl! Once again, you ahve wont eh Fixer Award for the second time! It has shown up next to your name on the member roster.  Now all you need is to find my treasure and you really will be a Storyworld goddess...





Wednesday, 21. November 2012 - 13:13 Uhr

Ariel Quick Reminder

     Just to let you guys know, most of the pictures on Ariel's new site,, are temporary "placeholders."  I will be drawing them myself as time goes on.  If you look through the characters, I already have drawn Esthetique and Dawn by myself.  I'm currently working on Pharhan but might pause that.  

     So, don't be surprised if the pictures change.  They'll still look kinda familiar.  But just know that if they do, it means that I've drawn a new one and the one that is there is mine.





Sunday, 18. November 2012 - 16:09 Uhr

Ariel Continues...

     Another Ariel update! Chapter Two isn't finished yet, but it's included enough info so far that you guys should read it.  Enjoy, okay? :)





Sunday, 18. November 2012 - 13:42 Uhr

Castil :3

     I don't know if you've read the Shadow Kingdom, which you DEFINITELY should because it's freaking AWESOME, but if you have, then you probably know Castil--the guy Wednesday fell off the banister onto.  Not Cassius, he's a totally different person.  Actually, they're REALLY different...ahem.  Spoilers. DOn't let me give the story away, because it's going to be awesome!

     Anyway, so people who know Castil probably like him as much as I I drew a picture of him in pen--no pencil drawing--and here it is, scanned in.  Since I didn't pencil it in first and the fact that I'm not so great at drawing guys anyway, but here he is.

Eeeeeeek! He's HUUUUUUUGE! He's even bigger than Cade! XD Well, he used to be.  I just changed the pic so it was a little smaller...

Sorry about that, guys.  





Sunday, 18. November 2012 - 13:38 Uhr

Agjo is Moving????

     Guys, Mr. Joel jsut informed me today that agjo is moving! I was all like, "Whaaaat?" because the site is so new.  Then he said he had suspicions that someone was tracking the site, blah blah he moved.  The site's address is  He also told me to tell you that the new password for this month is combustiblelaughscratch, and the login is agjo as always.

     I included a link to agjo on the Witches of Reilli page.





Thursday, 8. November 2012 - 21:05 Uhr

Did I....

     Did I ever show you guys Cade? From the Ariana Story? No? Well, I'm going on a picture-showing spree, so here he is :)

     God, Cade...I love Cade sooooooo much. Kinda in the same way I love Asthone and Erik. Sigh. It took me two days to complete this picture in alternating Photoshop and Painter...





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