Tuesday, 30. October 2012 - 19:35 Uhr

Alice in Wonderland???

     I've never had an update before, and no, I haven't started writing Alice. If you read the little blurb on its page, you'd know that Alice is partially written in manga, partially written in text, just to make it funky.  Well, I released a random section of the drawn part.  It's NOT read like classical manga.  Read it LEFT to RIGHT, like a normal book. I included subs since the text isn't very clear.  Sorry, but these were hastily drawn, hastily scanned, and hastily touched up in Photoshop Elements, so it's not great quality...kind of crude, actually. Here, you can see it, but I've downsized it and there are no subs.  You can see the full-size version and subs on the Alice page.

     Enjoy! I hope to release another one soon.  You don't know about these people...I can give you a little light.  Alice is the one with the bow in the back, and Sethsique is the one with the really long hair, wearing a scarf, telling Alice she needs to talk to her...Asthone is one of the Kings (4) of Wonderland.  he's the King of Hearts. (I told you the genders were flipped!)  Sethsique is a made-up character by me.

     Have fun! Check out the subs if you can't read it...sorry...V.V




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