Wednesday, 24. October 2012 - 16:44 Uhr

A Mark in History!

     Ah, I can't believe it! The visitor counter is already at 200 people! I still remember when I first made this site and nobody came on's getting so popular now, even without an SEO or a custom domain...I just thought it was amazing that we have gotten this far! It was a team effort, of course...

     Thanks guys! You've done soooo much for me...can I ask one more favor? Please,  PLEASE comment on stories. You can even comment on say Shadow kingdom when my post is about new memebrs or something. I just really need some great feedback...but take your time to read it all!

     Have a great day, and don't forget to search for that treasure! It's a hyperlink, and only ONE word is it's very tricky!!!!




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