Sunday, 14. October 2012 - 15:27 Uhr

Treasure Race is on!

     The race is on, people! I'm busy creating the three-part treasure hunt! The first part isn't going to be easy to find...just remember: I like to read. 

     I hope one of you will find it! It's not easy! Also, please give me your email to do this, because that's my confirm that you've gotten the clue right and therefore can move on. The sites that you possibly will have clues on are this one (,,,,, and YOU NEED A PASSWORD TO ACCESS MOST OF AGJO. This MONTH's password is monkeyhipstercellulose. (Yes, it's weird, but Mr. Joel has his ways...) The others can be accessed anywhere.

     You ready to find this treasure? Remember, here's a hint to find number one: I like to READ.

     Ready, set, GOOOOOO!




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